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Invisible Orthodontics | Invisalign®

What is Invisible Invisalign® Orthodontics?

It consists of the manufacture of a custom-made splint for each patient, being invisible, accessories are placed inside this splint that help align the teeth to the desired position. One of the advantages of Invisalign® is that it can be removed to eat or according to the needs of each patient. Invisalign® prevents irritation of the gums since there are no brackets or wires that can inflame or disturb our mouth.

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Magmar Dental & Aesthetic Clinic

We are Specialists in Invisible Orthodontics:
Invisalign® Technique Certified Dental Clinic

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Your best smile with Invisalign®

Invisible Invisalign® Orthodontics is, today, the treatment that offers better results to correct any problem of dental malposition and malocclusion. The treatment thus brings together the greatest possible aesthetic discretion with a very high effectiveness for very varied and demanding cases.

  • Invisible
  • Removable
  • Effective

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After Invisalign® Treatment

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Which are the Advantages of Invisalign®?

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Invisible Invisalign® Orthodontics is perfect because:

  • It is transparent, no one will appreciate it.
  • Effective even in the most complicated cases.
  • It can be removed during meals and tooth brushing.
  • You get faster results than traditional braces.
  • Personalized study and digital design of how your smile will look FREE

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Frequent questions Invisalign®

A minimum of 22 hours a day to fix the positions well, we only recommend removing them at mealtime, during tooth brushing and when ingesting hot drinks, to avoid damage to the splint. While you are not wearing it, carefully store it in its case to avoid deterioration.

First of all you have to do a personalized study, with x-rays, photos and models of the mouth. Next, a 3D simulation of the treatment is made, where the movements of all the teeth are simulated and, in addition, we will make a virtual finish of the case. Once we have the treatment plan, we start with the aligners, which will be changed every few days depending on the case, although visits with the orthodontist will normally be once a month.

Although each case is unique, in general terms the reviews are carried out monthly. In each of the visits, the doctor will assess how the movement of the teeth is evolving and if they are evolving as planned, if all goes well, several sets of aligners will be given at each checkup until the next visit. In addition, our team can treat and program cases remotely if the patient cannot come to the clinic. The doctor will do a complete remote monitoring.

The duration will be based on the complexity of the case. It can be of a few months (between 3 and 7 months for Invisalign® i7 and Invisalign® Lite modalities respectively), or between 8 and 24 months for Invisalign® full or Invisalign® Teen cases.

It is important that you take care of your aligners delicately as they are essential to successfully complete the treatment, so whenever you remove them, keep them in their cover and wash them before putting them on again.

With Invisalign® virtually all malocclusions can be treated.

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