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Magmar Dental & Aesthetic Clinic

Preventive dentistry

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive Dentistry is in charge of preventing oral diseases, it also helps promote healthy oral health.

A healthy mouth is very important since, if we take good care of it with a good brushing and regular visits, we will avoid having to undergo more complex treatments.

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We are Specialists in Preventive Dentistry

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We offer a modern and current Preventive Dentistry

How do we treat Preventive Dentistry in our clinic?

At the Magmar Dental & Aesthetic Clinic we will give advice to our patients to be able to carry out better oral hygiene, this must start from a young age, for this reason we also advise the little ones on how to brush their teeth, what paste they have to use and some foods that they should not you should overeat.

The doctors will carry out a study of the patient, depending on the results, apply the appropriate treatments and give advice to avoid any oral infection. The mouth is a cavity where thousands of bacteria are housed, so it must always be clean and disinfected.

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What is a Tartrectomy and how is it performed?

Tartrectomy is the technical name given to dental cleanings. Normally they are advised to do two a year, all depending on each patient. Tartrectomies will remove the tartar residues that lodge in the tooth or even under the gums. Mouth cleanings are quite simple, if it is true that there are parts where the brush or the dental floss does not get to an easy way to clean them. For this reason, it is inevitable that some teeth cause stones, when they are above the gum line, a Tartrectomy will be performed. In other words, routine cleaning is done by removing superficial stains and dental plaque.

On the other hand, when these stones form in the lower part of the gums, the tartrectomy is called root scraping. This requires its performance by a periodontist as special instruments are needed. It is not a painful treatment since it is performed under local anesthesia as it is a little deeper.

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Tips to follow for all our patients

For the little ones:

As we have already said, we will start from the smallest, they should know that the jelly beans, sweets, lollipops and other sweets contain a high level of sugar that causes cavities. In addition, these foods make them sticky, they stay longer between the teeth and cause dental erosions.

Some juices can also cause cavities in the mouth of children, so we recommend that they take them at meals and not before going to bed.

Together with our hygienists we will teach you how to brush your teeth in a correct and fun way, as well as the proper handling of the toothbrush.

Checkups should be done on a regular basis, to avoid problems in the first teeth.

For the elderly:

For the other patients we will treat Preventive Dentistry helping to make bad habits disappear and we will promote Tartrectomies.

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Preventive dentistry

Frequent questions Preventive dentistry

Research shows that regular professional cleaning can reduce the risk of tooth decay (decayed teeth) and periodontal (gum) disease, and most people like to have their teeth cleaned once or twice a day. year. It is recommended to attend the dental clinic every 6 months to perform a professional cleaning with ideal products for it and, very importantly, in the quantities and components that the clinic team recommends. During this cleaning, in addition, a free review will be carried out in our clinic to ensure the preservation of a perfect oral condition.

The estimated age is usually from 10 years in the case of a malocclusion, although the truth is that with only 3 years that already have baby teeth, problems can be detected in the bite and establish an alternative treatment to later place the Orthodontics.

Until relatively not long ago, anesthesia did not exist and any dental process became quite painful and annoying. This fact has been transmitted from parents to children, although currently that fear does not make any sense because with anesthesia there is no pain.

Regular brushing is vital to maintaining optimal oral health. Traditionally, brushing after each meal is recommended to eliminate the problem of cavities. The carbohydrates in food and drinks feed bacteria in the mouth, and these oral bacteria produce acids that can cause dental caries (decayed teeth). By brushing with fluoride toothpaste after each meal, you can reduce the extent of acid production and reduce your chances of developing cavities.

The answer is that both options are perfectly valid. The important thing is to carry out a deep brushing, reaching all the areas and for a reasonable time to remove all the possible dirt lodged in our teeth and gums.

Gum bleeding can be due to different reasons related to oral pathologies, such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

If by brushing your teeth your gums bleed, we recommend that you arrange a visit with your dentist to study your case and find the Treatment that best suits your needs.

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