Do you want to pay for your treatment in comfortable installments?

Magmar Dental & Aesthetic Clinic

Competitive prices at your fingertips

Comfortable, fast and tailor-made financing.
The client who wants to finance his treatment, presents us with the necessary documentation, we process the financing at the same time and confirm in 48 hours.
From 3 to 48 months.


For employed workers: DNI.
For self-employed: NIF / IRPF (model 100) / Last quarter model 130/131 / Last payment of the self-employed to social security / Photocopy of the bank card.

Financing example

€ 1,000 for 48 months € 27.80 per month.
€ 2,500 for 48 months € 69.50 per month.
€ 5,000 for 48 months € 139.00 per month.

For more information on financing, Contact us.

What we offer

«In Treatments»
All inclusive
• Diagnosis.
• Treatment.
• Consultations and reviews.

Subject to approval by our Collaborating Entities: Kutxabank and La Caixa.


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