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Dental Implants

Immediate loading on implants

Implants | Immediate Loading

Immediate loading is an implant technique that allows a temporary crown to be placed on the dental implant on the same day that the patient undergoes implant surgery to replace one or more missing teeth. This represents an important time saving compared to the techniques to use and also allows better osseointegration and healing of the gum.

How is the procedure carried out?

Implants that are placed in the patient can be single unit or full arch. In the second case, between four and six implants can be placed to support a prosthesis.

The fixed prosthesis that is initially placed is provisional, and is made in this way to ensure correct osseointegration of the implant in the bone. Once the period is completed, according to the specialist's criteria, normally from the third month, the definitive fixed prosthesis is placed.

Advantages of immediate loading implants

One of the most important advantages for the patient with the placement of an immediate loading implant is that it offers the possibility of continuously wearing the fixed provisional prosthesis without the need to wear removable prostheses, which can be annoying. In addition, it offers a progressive adaptation to the definitive prosthesis.

The patient can regain the functionality of their teeth, especially from chewing, in addition to improving their phonation and aesthetics.

Some specialists even recommend immediate loading and conscious sedation to replace the entire denture with fixed teeth in just one day.

New teeth from day one

In conventional dental implants, after the operation, it is necessary to allow the soft and bony tissues of the mouth to heal before the placement of the crown. This healing and osseointegration time can be extended by a few 10 or 12 weeks. With an immediate loading implant, the patient leaves the clinic with a provisional prosthesis the same day of the intervention.

Can I have an immediate loading implant?

Although this procedure is indicated for all types of patients and implants, the truth is that its use is discouraged in some patients, especially those who already have previous dental pathologies, such as excessive loss of bone tissue in the maxilla, periodontal disease in anyone of its phases or bruxism.

For this reason, and although immediate loading implants have important advantages over conventional ones, it is best to consult with the Dr. Omid what solution may be the best for your case and that you let yourself be guided by their professional advice.

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