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Magmar Dental & Aesthetic Clinic

Conventional Orthodontics | Brackets

Bracket Advantages

Highly resistant.
Conventional Brackets, being made of metal, are difficult to break. As for the ceramic aesthetic Brackets, we choose the strongest Brackets on the market whose quality eliminates the risk of breakage.

Brackets are effective.
They have proven effective over time, precise and controlled movements can be achieved that are easy to predict for treatment success.

They are cheaper.
The price of conventional metal braces is the most economical of the entire range of orthodontic treatments, followed by all types of brackets cemented on the outside of the teeth.

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Dental and Aesthetic Clinic in Berango

We are Orthodontic Specialists with Aesthetic Brackets

Our specialties

We offer a modern and current Conventional Orthodontics

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Your best smile with Brackets


  • Align your teeth
  • Improve your bite and avoid unnecessary wear on your teeth
  • Open or close space between teeth
  • Correct facial deformities and severe skeletal problems
  • TMJ (jaw joint) pain
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What are the types of Brackets?

Metal brackets The brackets used are “Low-profile”, that is to say low profile, they are the most modern, small brackets, with a very flat and fine profile and with rounded finishes that offer the patient maximum comfort and allow proper hygiene.

Self-ligating or low-friction brackets are brackets with a modern closing mechanism that eliminates the need to tie the wire to the brackets with the ligatures (the typical rubber bands). By not using ligatures, the discomforts that appear due to the need to ligate are reduced as in conventional braces and thanks to the low friction the teeth level out faster and with the application of lesser forces.

Ceramic aesthetic brackets offer both aesthetics and treatment efficiency. Its low-profile, rounded design increases patient comfort, braces are easy to remove and don't stain or stain with food or tobacco.

Aesthetic Self-Ligating Brackets provide all the benefits of self-ligating brackets with the added benefits of aesthetic braces, providing a soft, comfortable, and durable fit to handle any malocclusion.

Transparent aesthetic braces are made of monocrystalline sapphire (sapphire is an extremely hard mineral, composed of aluminum oxide), they are transparent like glass and very discreet, almost invisible regardless of the color of the patient's teeth, since being transparent they transmit the original tooth color.

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Frequent questions Brackets

The braces are placed on definitive teeth, therefore when we already have all the definitive teeth in the mouth we can start, this usually happens around 11-12 years. Before this age, other devices can be placed to solve problems that require early intervention.

Cementing is a completely innocuous procedure at a clinical level. The removal of cement remains is done using our special tools that do not damage the tooth enamel.

In general, we can say that visits are monthly with small differences in the different phases of orthodontia (at the beginning they are more spaced and at the end more frequent).

Treatment can generate mild discomfort and discomfort from the tension generated by the wire in the teeth. These discomforts usually appear within a few hours after visits, especially in the early stages of treatment when teeth are being aligned.

The braces can rub against the tissues of the mouth causing small ulcers that can be treated with various preparations that exist in pharmacies in the form of a gel and rinse. In general, all these discomforts are very slight and tend to be relieved in a short time.

We offer several financing plans, with the option of financing part of the treatment or the entire treatment.

At the Magmar Dental & Aesthetic Clinic we have a rigorous retention protocol for all patients, it is the final phase and also one of the most important to maintain the harmony and stability of your bite.

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